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Meet the other professionals in Suite 160

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Jackie is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistant. Jackie is also located inside The Emperor's Medicine clinic. She specializes in myofascial release, lymphatic work, and other therapeutic techniques to ease tension and alleviate pain.

Call 630-508-0223 or email for massage appointments.

​Sunshine & Soul Skincare Studio is located inside the Emperor's Medicine clinic, and I share the same holistic approach to health and overall wellness as Dr. Selma and her team. Offering acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, micro-needling, and functional medicine, The Emperor's Medicine can enhance your skincare regimen and add to your skin's rejuvenation and health.

Call 630-428-9001 or email to inquire about appointments at The Emperor's Medicine.

​Linda is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Neuroptimal Certified Master Trainer in neurofeedback, an advanced form of biofeedback and a process that trains the brain so that it functions in a more healthy manner and responds with more flexibility.

Call Linda at 630-567-1101 or email for appointments and more information.

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