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What makes Sunshine & Soul different?

​I set out to create a place that focuses on serving people who are tired, worn out simply by daily life and responsibilities. A place where you will know that someone cares to take the time to provide the peace and relaxation you need. Through touch and a caring attitude, I aim to connect with you, giving both your skin and your spirit a boost. You will feel relaxed yet energized at the same time. I have many people fall asleep during a treatment. Others have felt a release of tension to the point of shedding tears either during or after a treatment. There's no judgement here.

I also have made it a priority to provide longer treatment times compared to other providers. Be prepared that it's possible we can go beyond the 70 minutes scheduled for your treatment, without an upcharge. Maybe you've experienced a spa treatment that was just a standardized, run-of-the-mill facial or massage "process" (I know I have). I believe that self-care shouldn't be a luxury, but rather a necessary (and affordable) part of life. My intent to offer  treatments at lower rates does not in any way indicate a lower level of service.


Many people today easily judge a service provider by their online social media presence. That is not important to me. I spend my time with my clients and being out there living life, not on my phone creating social media posts. And lastly, I do not hound clients to give me Google reviews, etc. I simply put goodness and positivity out there and am blessed by all that comes back to me.

My style isn't the perfect fit for everyone and I do not offer a one-and-done quick fix. Are you someone who wants care and attention that will give you a boost inside and out?

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