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I provide a calm and peaceful environment. My style incorporates the pampering of a resort-style experience to help you de-stress, relax and rejuvenate your spirit. I only offer limited appointments because I will take my time with you, connect with you, and give my full energy to you whether you're the first or the last appointment of the day. 

I'm in my 60's and living my best life ever! I've been married to the love of my life for over 35 years, have 4 fantastic children and 5 grand-furbabies, am a leisure golfer, an avid traveler, and a National Parks enthusiast.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I grew up in Central Illinois with my summers filled with endless sunshine, softball games and working in the corn fields. I came to the Chicago area in 1989. Some of my work life experiences have included advertising, public education, office management and spa management.

I had always grown up with the belief that there was power in human touch, and from an early age bought into the philosophy of teachers such as Felice Leonardo ("Leo") Buscaglia who promoted the value of something as simple as a human hug and its healing benefits.

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After having my first facial ever (in my 40's), I realized becoming an esthetician would be a way to join together my belief in human touch with my developing interest in overall health and wellness, and of course incorporating my own desire to gracefully work with the subtle signs of aging that were beginning to creep up on me.

After earning my esthetics license, I worked in different spa and wellness type settings. Although physically capable of keeping up with doing as many as 8 treatments per day, I felt hurried and believed clients should receive more attention. The decision to go into business for myself, by myself, was based on my intent to focus exclusively on what energizes me -- facials that center on you, not following a "cookie cutter" procedure, and allowing myself to spend more time with each client. I'm blessed to be growing Sunshine & Soul Skincare Studio in my own way. I'm a very small business and I take care of all aspects of it on my own. Spending hours creating and posting content on social media isn't my thing. People have told me I'm Naperville's best facial and have been called "a true hidden gem."

I appreciate everyone who has continued to support me. You enable me to give back to several charities, some of which include releasing children from poverty, animal rescue, and supporting a local women's shelter.

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